Services / Price List

Grooming Services


Wash n Tidy

(wash n groom as plus tidy up hygiene areas, ie. under paws, tummy, bottom & around eyes only)

Full Clip

(wash n groom plus kennel clip)

Style Clip

(including lamb clip/ specific breed clip/ scissoring)

Small Dogs

Chihuahua, Silky Terriers,Yorkshire Terriers, Jack Russell, Maltese, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Pekinese, Daschunds, Cairn Terriers, Shih Tzu, Pug, Mini Schnauzer (small), etc.

from $40

from $80

from $95


Medium Dogs

Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzers, Beagle, Australian Cattle Dog, Border Terrier, Corgi, English Bulldog, Cock-a-poo, Cavoodles, Spoodles, Miniature Poodle, Lhasa Apso, Cavalier. etc.

from $50

from $90

from $120

Large Dogs

Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, Labradoodle, Springer Spaniel, Australian Shepherd, Boxer, Dalmatian, Standard Poodle, Giant Schnauzer, Soft Coated Wheaton, Berneaise Mountain
Dog, etc.

from $70

from $100

from $150


Services (Without Grooming):
Nail Clip Only  $25


Additional Charges:
Flea infested coats will incur an additional charge of $10 (includes flea bath and Capstar treatment)
Matted Coats – for additional work required there will be a charge of $15 per 15 minutes

Additional Charges will apply for heavily matted, soiled,  flea infested coats, aggressive or overweight dogs due to extra time needed to groom and the wear down on equipment. We will try to remove as much dead coat and undercoat as possible in certain breeds but if your dog is too heavily matted our only option will be to shave off the coat, so that its not a traumatizing and painful experience for your dog. We do not accept dogs with sandy coats.

All prices quoted above are based on a dog presented in good condition (groomed every 4-8 weeks), non-aggressive or overweight.

The Golden Rules

* Please bring a leash and allow your dog to go potty in before entering the salon, even if they just went to the bathroom before leaving home.

* Please offer your dog only light water and light food on the morning of your grooming appointment. We always have a bowl of fresh water in the salon.

* Please let us know if your dog has any sickness or special conditions, including fleas. We can give them immediate flea treatment such as capstar or flea rinse. This is important not only for your dog but also others in the salon.